About Us

Bengalis are always outward bound. Since eons they have travelled far and wide and settled in different parts of the world. As the saying goes – You can take a Bengali out of Bengal but you can’t take Bengal out of a Bengali. They have grown and succeeded throughout the world but the heart still beats for Macher Jhol and Dhokar Dalna . They may be used to eating innumerable cuisines but the mind still craves for the taste of phoron in the macher jhol or the sound of conch during Durga Puja and a dash of Hing in the kochuri

Bengalis love their tradition and food.  So do they love the cotton Punjabi, saree and fotua. They love the Daab Chingri , IIlish Paturi and mustard. They love the Kobiraji and love the kasundi.

This is an endeavour to get the soul of these” likes” straight to the household of thousands outside Bengal. Your macher jhol will now be complete with paanch phoron sourced from rural Bengal. Your Pujo will now be complete with the sound of Sankh and Chaler Payes will have the quintessential  Gobindo bhog you always craved for.

MagicJini will strive to open the heart of Bengal to everyone who loves Bengal, its traditions and their products. MagicJini especially curates all things Bengal to her discerning patrons. You no longer have to count your days for your next visit to stock up. We will deliver at a price that you deserve to pay. No more unnecessary premiums. We are Bengal “home delivered”.  You spell it – We have it.